• Marketing Assistant / Graphic Designer (Long Beach, CA)12/01/2017

    Job description:

    Assisting with marketing, advertisement design, preparing digital media for print

    Required Skills / Qualifications:

    - Bachelor degree in design, marketing, communications, or other related field

    - Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

    - Experience with photo editing is a plus

    - Experience with product photography is a plus

    - Experience with marketing is a plus

    - Experience with Magento Web Admin is a plus

    - Korean/English bilingual preferred​

    Resume to: chloe@turboairinc.com

  • Warranty Technicians (Cincinnati, OH / Orlando, FL / Charlotte, NC / Pittsburgh, PA and etc.)02/20/2017

    Required Skills / Qualifications:

    Handy skills are critical to do service work (electricity and appliance knowledge is plus), Must have intermediate communication skills in English

    Resume to: contact@turboairinc.com