One of the many advantages we have to ensure reliability is that we have 13 warehouses all over the United States. This makes for faster delivery to desired locations, necessary parts included for all products, and a very customer friendly technical support and sales team.
All our products are made with the best available materials that assure sanitation is at its highest and provides a long lasting product life cycle. Every little detail has been thoroughly examined because we know that customer satisfaction is the key to a prosperous business.
Not only do our products come with an elegant State of the Art Design, the purpose of our product designs were derived from a chef’s point of view. Little details such as our gas equipment knobs are made with PPS which provides and sustains a long metallic life and reduce heat transfer to operator.
German Knife and Radiance is always striving to provide the most efficient products while offering the best performance in each product line. We also passed the industry’s most rigorous and recent performance, safety, and energy efficiency standards.