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M3 Series Reach-Ins

With stainless steel cabinet construction, digital temperature control,
an innovative hot gas condensate system, and our unique Self-Cleaning Condenser, this is
the ideal storage unit for all your refrigerated ingredients and supplies.

  • LED Lights/ Compressor

    The LED Lighting array prevents shadows and makes finding the right product simple and easy. The top-mounted compressor is specially designed for high-sediment kitchens where food particles land on the floor.

  • Door Pressure Release

    The insulated doors are equipped with a pressure release, which means you can instantly reopen the unit after closing it. The corners and edges are rounded to prevent injury.

  • Digital Temperature Control

    A digital temperature control and monitor system comes standard and showcases the latest in smart technology. The digital temperature control is located on the outside, making it convenient to check and control the temperature.

  • Turbo Cooling and Freezing

    The Turbo Cooling and Freezing functions allow you to instantly drop the temperature of the unit with the press of a button.

  • Hot Gas Condensate System

    Hot gas condensate system prevents water overflow and leakage. By utilizing the compressor’s hot gas pipe to condensate excess water from the evaporator, this reduces energy use and cools the unit quicker.

  • Self-Cleaning Condenser

    A fine mesh filter catches dust, while rotating brushes run daily to move dirt away from the condenser. This revolutionary device comes at no additional cost.