Open Display Cases

Featuring an ultra-strong urethane body, optimal cold air distribution,
patented Self-Cleaning Condenser, these products are keep food sales high
and your maintenance costs low.

  • LED Lights

    The LED Lighting system shows it at its best. Each shelf is equipped with LED Lights to reduce shadows.

  • Superior Functionality

    The side panels of the units are durable and reliable, making it safer for bumps and other mishandle. Stainless steel shelves keep perishable foods safe and sanitary. Safety-reinforced, tempered glass protects your inventory.

  • Self-Contained Water System

    The energy efficient water evaporation system makes hoses and plumbing pipes obsolete. It is a one-step set up by connecting the unit to an outlet.

  • Efficient Airflow

    Our unique refrigeration technology allows cold air to flow throughout, which maintains an equal temperature from top to bottom.

  • Self-Cleaning Condenser

    A fine mesh filter catches dust, while rotating brushes run daily to move dirt away from the condenser. This revolutionary device comes at no additional cost.