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Prep Table / Undercounters

Features ergonomically designed door handles, LED Lighting and Fan Control,
exclusive forced-air Cold bunker, and patented Self-Cleaning Condenser.

  • Ergonomic design

    The ergonomically designed door handles are easy to grip and can be opened at more than one position. It also has rounded edges to prevent injury.

  • Digital Temperature Control

    A digital temperature control and monitor system comes standard and showcases the latest in smart technology. The digital temperature control is located on the outside, making it convenient to check and control the temperature.

  • LED Interior Lighting & Fan Control

    The LED Lighting and Fan Control is a real energy saver. When the unit is opened, the fan automatically shuts off. This prevents warm air from entering to keep the temperature at the level you want and guarantees nothing gets spoiled or wasted.

  • Cold Bunker System

    Only Turbo Air offers an innovative Cold Bunker design to maintain the perfect environment for your supplies. This forced air system covers the entire food pan area, creating a protective temperature shield.

  • Self-Cleaning Condenser

    A fine mesh filter catches dust, while rotating brushes run daily to move dirt away from the condenser. This revolutionary device comes at no additional cost.