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Super Deluxe Glassdoor Merchandisers

Digital temperature control with Turbo Cooling and Freezing,
patented Self-Cleaning Condenser, and a shadow-free LED advertising panel to
enhance any shopping experience.

  • Low-E Glass (refrigerator), Triple Pane Glass (freezer) doors

    The doors are equipped with low-emissive glass, which reduces heat gain from the outside. This pioneering technology makes the unit more energy efficient by minimizing heat transfers and decreasing condensation.

  • Digital Temperature Control

    A digital temperature control and monitor system comes standard and showcases the latest in smart technology. The digital temperature control is located on the outside, making it convenient to check and control the temperature.

  • Turbo Cooling and Freezing

    The Turbo Cooling and Freezing functions allow you to instantly drop the temperature of the unit with the press of a button.

  • Algorithmic Fan

    The fan keeps the storage area at the perfect temperature round the clock, while conserving energy by at least 15% and increasing the life of the compressor by up to 30%.

  • Self-Cleaning Condenser

    A fine mesh filter catches dust, while rotating brushes run daily to move dirt away from the condenser. This revolutionary device comes at no additional cost.